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"2125 Stanley Street"
Rehearsal, August 2014. Dancers: Margaret Paek and D. Nayar, Composer: L. Dempster

2125 Stanley Street is a performance installation exploring notions of home. Working with collaborators Margaret Paek and Loren Kiyoshi Dempster, the project examines “home” as an archaeological site where minimal artifacts offer points of departure for the re-imagination and reconstruction a domestic space. We excavate the everyday and the mundane in search of a poetic consciousness. Household objects transform into potential sources of revelation and reflection. Basic tasks are infused with virtuosity and nostalgia. Fragmented lullabies and nursery rhymes create an evocative soundscape. Ultimately, the installation aims to invite the audience into a home that unfolds through movement and sound, a home that exists in the present moment through intimate exchange, a home that is is both familiar and yet cannot exactly be located.

2125 Stanley Street