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Entry 1
Entry 1

prompt: what do you bring to your research and who do you see as your research community? who might you want?

19 Jan 2021
version 1

I bring to my research... conscious and unconscious citations, habits, intentions, reference points, imaginings, questions, space, clutter, desires, fear, belief in what words can do, wariness of the limitations of words. A feeling of trust in a path forward, a tributary, attributable to the world that moved me so, moved me towards this thing we do called performance studies even as we grasp, intervene, distill, push back, push against, we simultaneously build on, expand, draw from. One might say after a drop in the bucket, to which one might ask but wait whose bucket, why a bucket and not an ocean ,if an ocean who named it? who pollutes it? who claims it? what grand percentage of such a realm remains unknowable, knowledge for whom what are the methods that are into extraction anti exportation, anti all knowing, work against the sopophilia.