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Entry 2
Entry 2

Entry #2
prompt: who is in my community? who might you want?

There is a lens in me drawn again and again to QUIET that comes from a line before me. A mode of being that feels outdated, irrelevant, on the verge of disappearance, always on the brink of insignificance, not counting, powerlessness, invisibility. The community of ancestors, the modes of being that predate my existence. Then there are the artists. Minoritarian artists. In space together. Let us see. Hold space. there are the spaces, sites of process, research, there are the elements that might hold space for Quiet. This has something to do with time and a kind of understanding. Artists include: Samita Sinha, Wideman Davis Dance, Rosy Simas, Maia Palileo, the artists yet to come, who am I missing, my colleagues, my mentors...